About Us

Grease Monkey Garage – Founded by Car Guys for Car Guys

Welcome to Grease Monkey Garage – the ultimate haven for car guys, gearheads, and grease monkeys. Born from a relentless passion for everything on four wheels, we know what gets your motor running. 

Grease Monkey Garage takes your car obsession beyond the garage. Our line of branded gear is all about living the car culture. Throw on one of our Grease Monkey Garage t-shirts or hoodies and wear your passion like armor. Sip your morning brew from our sturdy coffee mugs, and give a salute to the car gods. And our barware? It’s built to toast the greatest machines ever built on four wheels.

But hey, why stop there? At Grease Monkey Garage, we fuel your passion with the coolest garage décor and art. Illuminate your man cave with our retro car neon signs, each one a beacon of automotive glory. Our neon and LED clocks don’t just tell time; they tell a story of heritage and speed. Deck out your walls with our vintage metal signs, each piece a nod to the golden era of muscle and might.

We also know it’s not just about looks. A true gearhead’s garage is his fortress, and organization is key. That's why we’ve stocked up on the toughest garage cabinets and storage solutions. These aren’t your average shelves; they’re built to withstand the weight of your heaviest tools and trophies, keeping your sacred space as sharp and efficient as a well-tuned engine.

And for a deeper dive into car culture, check out MOTOROPIA, our blog. It’s where we talk shop, share insights on the latest trends, and explore the histories of iconic cars, the companies that made them, and the oil and gas companies that fueled them. At MOTOROPIA, we're not just discussing cars; we're fueling your automotive passion with every post, connecting you to the heart and soul of the road.


Grease Monkey Garage is a subsidiary of Harner Group LLC, along with Bronc Parts Pro, your online source for Ford Bronco parts and accessories, and Harner Offroad, your online source for truck, Jeep, and SUV parts and accessories, and overlanding gear.