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The Farm collection at Grease Monkey Garage honors the rich history of agriculture and its machinery. This special range of neon signs and clocks is a tribute to iconic farm brands such as Ford Tractor, International Harvester, Case, and Farmall, each holding a significant place in agricultural history.

Our neon signs in this collection are designed to reflect the robust and hardworking spirit of farm machinery. These signs feature bright, eye-catching neon that illuminates the logos and imagery of brands like Ford Tractor and International Harvester. Perfect for barns, garages, or rural-themed spaces, these neon signs bring a warm and nostalgic atmosphere, reminding us of the countryside's simplicity and the machinery that has long supported it.

Complementing our neon signs, we also offer farm-themed neon clocks. These clocks combine the practicality of keeping time with the aesthetic appeal of neon lighting. Emblazoned with the names and logos of brands like Case and Farmall, these clocks are not just functional items but decorative pieces that celebrate the legacy of agricultural machinery. The soft neon glow adds a cozy and inviting feel to any room, making these clocks a fitting addition to farmhouses, country stores, or any space inspired by rural life.

Each item in our Farm collection is more than just a piece of decor; it's a celebration of the agricultural industry and its impact on our history. Whether you're a farmer, a collector of farm memorabilia, or someone who appreciates the beauty of rural life and its machinery, our collection offers unique ways to showcase your interest and admiration. At Grease Monkey Garage, we understand the importance of honoring our agricultural heritage, and our farm-themed neon signs and clocks are carefully selected to resonate with the enduring spirit and tradition of farming.