Busted Knuckle Garage

The Busted Knuckle Garage, a symbol of hard work and the relentless spirit of the garage and repair shop culture, inspires a unique line of products at Grease Monkey Garage. This collection is tailored for the car guy who takes pride in the hands-on, gritty nature of automotive work.

Our decor items pay tribute to the Busted Knuckle Garage ethos, featuring metal signs that embody the raw and authentic feel of a working garage. These pieces are ideal for adding a touch of rugged character to any space, be it a personal garage, a workshop, or a man cave. The vintage designs and classic garage imagery resonate with those who have a deep appreciation for the craft of vehicle maintenance and repair. In addition to signs, we offer a range furniture and bar decor all echoing the Busted Knuckle Garage theme. 

The Busted Knuckle Garage theme extends beyond just products; it's a celebration of the resilience, skill, and passion that define the car repair and maintenance culture. Each item in this collection is more than just a piece of decor; it's a tribute to the countless hours of labor and dedication that car guys invest in their vehicles and workspaces.

At Grease Monkey Garage, we recognize the importance of these values in the automotive community. Our Busted Knuckle Garage themed products are carefully curated to reflect the quality, toughness, and spirit of this beloved garage icon, offering fans and enthusiasts a way to bring a piece of this culture into their lives.