Messy Garage

Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Is Your Garage a Mess? These Tips Can Turn Things Around

If you're like some homeowners, your garage is so filled with stuff that there's no room to park your vehicle. Your car, truck, van, or SUV might spend most of its time parked in the driveway.

Of course, where you keep your vehicle is up to you. But if there’s no room for your car, that might be a sign that clutter has run amock to the point where you can’t store your car there. You don't have to continue living that way – there are options that can restore order.

Continue reading to learn how to restore order to a chaotic garage. It’s easier than you might think. But you must want to change things so your garage can be used more efficiently. 

Figure Out What You Don’t Need or Want

Most people accumulate a lot of things over the years. And if you’re not careful, many of these things will end up stuffed into bedroom closets, basements, and garages. If the goal is to restore order to your cluttered garage, you’ll want to figure out what you need and don’t need.

Cluttered Boxes in Garage

Do you have dozens of partially used cans of paint? Do you have more boxes of holiday decorations than you can count? Do you have small engine equipment you don’t use? Is it just taking up space? When you identify what you don’t need or want, get rid of them. Throw away the junk and give away or sell other things you don’t plan to keep.

Consider Other Storage Spaces

Are there things you want that don’t need to be stored in the garage? If so, you’ll want to find someplace to keep them. If you have a garage that doesn’t offer much space, perhaps you can move your kids’ bikes to a storage shed out in the backyard. If you have boxes filled with holiday decorations, you might want to put them in the basement if there’s space.

Map Out What You Want to Do

After you’ve completed the steps above, you’ll want to visualize what you want your garage to look like. Sketch it out on paper if you wish. You already know where your car will go. But consider where you want to position storage cabinets, shelves, work benches, storage bins, and other things. You’ll also want to figure out where your tools will go, what section you’ll use as a workshop space, or even what area to use as a man cave. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you figure out how to organize your garage in a way that suits you.

Get Yourself Some Cabinetry

If you want to keep your garage organized, you’ll want to consider cabinetry. It’ll allow you to keep things you need in one place so that they’re out of the way yet easily accessible. Do you perform your own oil changes and other auto maintenance in your garage or on your driveway? If so, keeping your motor oil, filters, radiator fluid, brake fluid, and other materials together makes sense. Otherwise, you’ll have a bunch of stuff strewn about all over the place. 

When mulling over garage cabinets, also consider tool storage and work tables. What you’ll find is that there are options available that will be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes people think they can have one or the other, but you can have both. If everything in your garage has a purpose and a proper place, you’ll restore order quickly.

Garage Cabinets

Before choosing the right cabinets, tool storage, and work tables, consider the size of your garage. These storage solutions can be a godsend, but you don’t want a situation where you entire garage is dominated by storage solutions that take up too much square footage. When you know what size you have to deal with, it’ll be easy to find the right storage options for you.

Hang Pegboards on the Walls

Another great option is to hang pegboards on the walls. Since they’re flush against the wall, they don’t take up a lot of space. They can be useful solutions for smaller items that don’t weigh much. Hammers, wrenches, pliers, tape measures, and other things can easily be contained using pegboards.

Set Up Zones

Another way to organize your garage is to set up zones. You can have an area for your car, an area for your workshop, and an area for your man cave. You can divvy it by establishing zones depending on how much square footage you have to work with. 

If you have a man cave, you might want to set up a stool and pub table, a neon clock, or put up metal signs to decorate the walls. Do you want special gear when lounging around in your man cave or doing maintenance and repairs on a car? Consider apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Setting up zones will turn your garage into a multi-purpose room.

Super Chevrolet Service Neon Sign

Overhead Storage Racks

You can also free up valuable floor space by using the ceiling. Install overhead storage if floor space is scarce. You can store bikes, car tires, and other things that might get in the way if stored on the floor. It’s one way you can avoid creating a cluttered garage.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are also a good option, especially if you keep them on shelves where they’ll be out of the way. You can label the containers or bins and avoid clutter. 

If you take these recommendations to heart, you’ll be able to tame the clutter and organize your garage. Don’t allow chaos to reign unchecked. When you get things straightened out, you’ll be able to use your garage to its full potential. 

Are you interested in finding solutions that’ll make garage organization as easy as 1-2-3? We have what you need. So, get in touch to see what we have to offer. You can check out our website to see our wide range of products, or get in touch with any questions you may have. 

We’re here to help you in any way we can.

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