How "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" Became an Iconic Advertising Campaign

How "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" Became an Iconic Advertising Campaign

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The "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" advertising campaign was first launched in the United States in 1959 by the Esso brand (Note: Esso, a brand under the umbrella of Standard Oil of New Jersey, which had merged with Humble Oil, underwent a significant rebranding, adopting the name Exxon in the early 1970s to unify its identity and enhance brand recognition across various regions and markets). The campaign's aim was to promote gasoline sales and was one of the most successful and recognizable advertising campaigns of its time. The campaign's concept was straightforward: fill up with Esso gasoline, and you would have the power and energy of a tiger in your tank, allowing you to tackle anything that comes your way. This campaign not only revolutionized advertising tactics but also left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the time.

Esso Tiger

Origins of the Campaign

The "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign, though it found its footing in the late 1950s American market, actually had its humble beginnings in post-war Britain, where it first encouraged drivers to break free from the constraints of gasoline rationing. The British version of the campaign, which started in 1953, originally featured a more ferocious tiger, but it wasn't until the tiger's image was softened to a friendlier, more playful character that the campaign truly began to resonate. Esso's aim was to craft a message that was catchy and emblematic of the vitality and robust performance their gasoline offered. The reimagined tiger symbolized power, energy, and strength—emotions that customers would ideally feel after fueling up with Esso's products.

Put a Tiger in Your Tank Newspaper Ad

By the early 1960s, the campaign had been perfected with bold, eye-catching graphics and an upbeat jingle, "Put a Tiger in Your Tank," creating an instant connection with consumers. The tiger, now synonymous with power and performance, became the face of a campaign that celebrated the joy and freedom of driving. The message was compelling and clear: Esso's gasoline was not just a fuel, but a promise of adventure and reliability for every driver's journey.

The Campaign's Message and Appeal

At the heart of Esso's "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign was a simple yet evocative slogan that instantly captured the public's imagination. The tiger, a symbol of strength and agility, was a brilliant metaphor for the power and performance that Esso's gasoline promised to deliver. This imagery resonated deeply with the 1960s car culture, a time when automobiles were not just modes of transportation but symbols of freedom and adventure. The campaign brilliantly tapped into this ethos, suggesting that filling up with Esso's gasoline could transform an ordinary drive into a thrilling journey.

Esso Tiger

The appeal of the campaign was multifaceted. It wasn’t just about the raw power that the tiger symbolized; it was also about the reliability and quality that Esso stood for. This dual message of excitement and trustworthiness struck a chord with consumers, who saw Esso as a brand that understood and catered to their automotive passions and needs.

Esso/Humble/Exxon Tiger LED Clock

Marketing Strategies and Execution

Esso's "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" initiative wasn't just an advertising campaign; it was a multifaceted marketing phenomenon that left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the 1960s. The campaign soared beyond the traditional media of television and print, where the tiger's animated antics and the catchy tunes of commercials captured the imagination of a nation. The print ads, with their bold taglines and compelling visuals, transformed billboards and magazine pages into colorful canvases of brand storytelling.

Put a Tiger in Your Tank Newspaper High Energy Esso Extra Gasoline Ad


The true marketing ingenuity of Esso was its use of imaginative promotional items that became cultural icons in their own right. As detailed in a 1964 news piece, Joseph L. Heimbold, an independent marketing executive, ingeniously tapped into the campaign's popularity by approaching Esso with his creation of whimsical tiger tails for vehicles. These tails transformed automobiles into roving emblems of the brand's message, making them both moving advertisements and playful participants in the campaign. By the time of the article's publication, Heimbold's entrepreneurial spirit had paid off handsomely, with sales reaching a remarkable quarter of a million tails, a testament to the campaign's extraordinary appeal.

Esso/Humble Gasoline Tiger in Your Tank Tiger Tails


This clever strategy was further exemplified by the promotional giveaways of Tiger Party Glasses and Tiger Mugs, which allowed customers to bring a touch of the campaign's spirit into their homes for a mere dime.

Esso/Humble Put a Tiger in Your Tank Promotional Glasses and Mugs

 Esso didn't stop there; the campaign extended into the skies with colorful kites and into the hearts of children with plush tiger toys, making the brand a staple in American households. The kites, offered with a fill-up of gasoline, embodied the sense of freedom and joy that Esso's gasoline purportedly supplied to drivers and their vehicles. The plush tiger toy, an affordable collectible with the purchase of gasoline, became a cuddly companion for kids and a charming reminder of the brand for parents. In addition to these items, a variety of other promotional merchandise like keychains, piggy banks, buttons, pins, and pens were also created, providing customers with a constant, tangible touchpoint to the Esso brand, further cementing its place in the fabric of daily life.

Esso/Humble Put a Tiger in Your Tank Promotional Kites and Plush Animals


Under the umbrella of the "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign, Esso's approach to on-site marketing at service stations was just as inventive and comprehensive as its mass media efforts. Service stations across the nation became vibrant theaters of promotion, adorned with eye-catching signs that beckoned drivers from the roadside. Life-sized fiberglass tiger statues greeted customers with a tangible representation of the brand's powerful symbol. Gas pump toppers, featuring the tiger's image, served as a constant visual reinforcement of the campaign message right at the point of purchase, making the act of fueling up an engaging experience. These toppers, along with other point-of-sale displays, helped to create a cohesive brand environment that immersed customers in the world of Esso. 

Every element of the "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign, from the memorable jingles to the vivid imagery and beyond, was crafted not just to sell a product but to create an immersive brand experience. Esso's forward-thinking marketing strategies converted a simple corporate message into a widespread cultural phenomenon, proving that a creative and engaging approach to advertising could indeed capture the public's heart and imagination.

Esso Tiger Magazine Ad for Esso Gasoline


Impact and Success

The "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign quickly became a cultural sensation, significantly boosting Esso's brand identity and sales figures. The campaign’s success was evident in its widespread recognition and the way it permeated the public consciousness. People didn't just recognize the slogan; they embraced it, incorporating it into their everyday language and lifestyle. This level of engagement was unprecedented and became a benchmark for future advertising campaigns.

Put a Tiger in Your Tank Newspaper Ad for High Energy Enco Extra Gasoline


The impact of the campaign went beyond mere numbers. It changed the way companies approached brand messaging, demonstrating the power of a strong, emotionally resonant campaign. The campaign built brand loyalty among consumers, who associated the tiger symbol and catchy jingle with Esso's high-quality gasoline. Esso’s sales soared, but more importantly, its brand became associated with power, performance, and fun. The campaign received numerous accolades and awards, further solidifying its place in the annals of advertising history.

Esso Tiger

Over time, the campaign evolved and changed to keep pace with the changing preferences and trends of consumers and the advertising industry. However, the core message of the campaign remained the same, which was to convey the idea of power, energy, and strength that comes with filling up with Esso gasoline.

Esso/Humble Gasoline Put a Tiger in Your Tank Newspaper Ad


Legacy and Revival

The legacy of the "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign extends far beyond its initial run. Today, the "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign is considered a classic example of effective advertising. Its influence can still be seen in modern advertising strategies that aim to create an emotional connection with the audience. The campaign has been referenced and revived in various forms over the years, showcasing its timeless appeal and the enduring power of its message.

Enco/Humble Gasoline Put a Tiger in Your Tank Newspaper Ad


Nostalgia plays a significant role in the campaign's lasting impact. For many, the Esso tiger symbolizes a golden era of automotive history – a time of innovation, excitement, and cultural change. The revival of the campaign in various forms, including retro-themed advertisements and merchandise, speaks to its enduring relevance and the deep connection it forged with consumers.

Esso Tiger

The "Put a Tiger in Your Tank" campaign by Esso is more than just a successful advertising endeavor; it's a landmark in the annals of marketing history. This campaign illustrates the profound impact that creative, engaging advertising can have, not just on a brand's fortune but on popular culture as a whole. Esso's approach, which combined a powerful symbol with a memorable slogan, set a new standard for how brands could connect with their audience on an emotional and psychological level. 

Esso/Humble/Exxon Put a Tiger in Your Tank Metal Sign


Reflecting on this iconic campaign, it's clear that its success was rooted in its ability to tap into the zeitgeist of its time. It spoke to the aspirations, desires, and sensibilities of an entire generation. The campaign's enduring legacy is a reminder that at the heart of every successful marketing endeavor lies a deep understanding of consumer culture and an ability to speak to it in a way that is both genuine and compelling.

[Editor's Note: Interestingly, while the Esso Tiger became widely recognized, it was never officially given a name. Inside the company, the tiger was affectionately referred to as the "Whimsical Tiger," a nod to its playful and spirited role in one of the most successful marketing campaigns of its time.]

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