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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Looking to create a space at home to get away from the daily grind? Whether you want a place to hang out or jam with your friends, pump some iron, cheer on your favorite team, or work on your next project, take a look at these ideas to create your ultimate man cave from Grease Monkey Garage!

Location, Location, Location

Your first consideration (of course) is where you plan to put your Man Cave. Unless you are in the process of building a new home or plan to build onto your existing home, you will need to convert an existing space in your home for your home getaway. 

Bonus Room or Attic

Having trouble deciding what to do with an attic or bonus room?  Turn that overlooked or unused space into a Man Cave!   

Photo: Pinterest

Extra Bedroom

Have an extra bedroom in the house or maybe a guest bedroom that is only utilized by your mother-in-law?  Sounds like a perfect place for a Man Cave!

Photo: Pinterest


Home garages can make the ultimate double duty space - parking spot or Man Cave.  You decide.

garage man cave
Photo: Pinterest


Turn that musty old basement into a quiet, secluded place to watch the big game!

Photo: Pinterest

Outdoor Building

How about taking your Man Cave outside? If you have the space in your backyard, a shed or outbuilding can make a perfect Man Cave getaway.

Shed Man Cave
Photo: Pinterest


Now that you've figured out where you will put your Man Cave you need a theme that, as the Dude says, "really ties the room together." Your main considerations to help determine your theme are:

(1) What do you plan to use the room for?

(2) What are your hobbies and interests?

Are you a car guy or a sports fanatic? A gamer or outdoorsman? A gym rat or couch potato? Whatever your interests, here are a few examples to inspire you!

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

I hope these examples have sparked some inspiration!  Now get out there and get started on building your very own Man Cave!

Thanks for reading! Grease Monkey Garage was founded by car guys, for car guys.  Whether you are in the market for retro neon signs, vintage neon signs, retro metal signs, retro car signs, vintage car signs, vintage metal signs, garage art or other garage decor or man cave decor, we've got you covered!

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