LED Hexagon Lighting System

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LED Hexagon Lighting System

Our LED Hexagon Lighting System will transform any garage or workspace into a first-class showroom.  Easy to install and providing abundant working light, these lights can be attached directly to your ceiling or other surface or alternatively, can be suspended from a ceiling.  Our LED Hexagon Lighting System consists of 14 innerconnected hexagons, each over 3 feet in width, bordered by an approximate 16 foot by 8 foot rectangle and is designed to illuminate the area of a typical one car garage.

What's Included:

  • 24 - 22.25" Aluminum and Polycarbonate LED Light Tubes (Rectangular Surround)
  • 57 - 17.25" Aluminum and Polycarbonate LED Light Tubes (Hexagon Grid)
  • 27 - "Y" Connectors
  • 20 - Straight Connectors
  • 17 - "V" Connectors
  • 3 - "L" Connectors
  • 1 - "T" Connector
  • 2 - Power cord pigtails
  • 1 - Bag of zipties


  • Luminous Flux(lm): 60,000 (equal to approximately 4,000 watts of traditional incandescent light)
  • Color Temperature: 6,000K
  • Color rendering index: 90
  • Working Lifetime: 40,000 Hours

Installation Guide

Flexible Design and Layout Possibilities

One of the standout features of our LED Hexagon Lighting System is its inherent design flexibility. While the standard package provides an interconnected grid of 14 hexagons bordered by a 16-foot by 8-foot rectangle, the system's real beauty lies in the adaptability offered by the individual components.

Consisting of different length aluminum and polycarbonate LED light tubes and various types of connectors, you can experiment with layouts that are best suited to your specific needs. You could choose to stick with the suggested layout, or use the elements in the package to create a pattern that truly reflects your style and the character of your space.

Craft Your Personalized Lighting Design

Your garage or workspace is unique, and your lighting solution should reflect that individuality. With the LED Hexagon Lighting System, you have the creative freedom to craft a design that resonates with your space and your personality.

The system includes varying length LED light tubes and a range of connectors ("Y", straight, "V", "L", and "T"), allowing for a multitude of possible configurations. You could arrange the tubes into a different geometric pattern, create a random layout that adds a touch of artistic flair, or even design a series of smaller, separate fixtures. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

The LED Hexagon Lighting System: More Than Just Lighting

Ultimately, our LED Hexagon Lighting System offers more than just illumination—it's a canvas for your creativity and a way to inject your personal touch into your workspace or garage. Experiment with different layouts, designs, and configurations to create a lighting solution that's just as unique as you are.

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