Grease Monkey Garage Playing Cards

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2.47" x 3.47"
Semi Glossy

Shuffle up some automotive style with the Grease Monkey Garage Playing Cards. These cards are not just a deck; they're a tribute to all things mechanical and motorized. The backs are emblazoned with the iconic Grease Monkey Garage logo, making every hand you deal a statement of your passion for everything automotive. Whether you're passing time in the garage waiting for paint to dry or enjoying a game night with fellow gearheads, these playing cards bring a dose of automotive enthusiasm to any occasion. Durable, easy to shuffle, and perfect for all your favorite card games, they're an essential in any car lover's collection, offering a winning combination of function and style.

Card Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5"; Includes 52x playing cards with 2x Joker cards.