20" Ford Genuine Parts V8 Premium Neon Clock

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Our top of the line 20" neon clocks are hand built here in the USA with the same techniques and components used by the craftsmen building neon clocks in the 1950's.

This all metal clock comes with a beautiful powder coated finish, 110 volt electric motor with geared brass movement with a smooth sweep second hand, and a real 1/8" clear glass outer face. Standard 110 v plug - choose power cord out of the bottom or out of the back of the clock.   Pull chain switch turns neon on/off and the time set knob is located on the side of the case for convenient time updates. 

FORD Officially Licensed Product.  FORD Trademark used under license to CSMC.

Dimensions: 20" X 20" x 6"

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The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford with $28,000 and the backing of seven additional investors (including John and Horace Dodge). After production of a relatively small number of vehicles in its first few years, Ford introduced the mass-produced Model T in 1908 and continued its production until 1927. Due in large part to Ford Motor Company's introduction in 1913 of numerous methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars, including some of the first moving automotive assembly lines, the company went on to sell over 15 million vehicles over that nearly 20 year period. Known for its iconic Mustang, Thunderbird, and F-Series (among others) Ford Motor Company has one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

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